The Blizzard

Many a times I had been audacious enough to step up the attic balcony but I did never dare to narrate my story. Yes, true. I am no more a storyteller to The Moon. It’s been quite a while that I have stopped floundering around the balcony. Even though sometimes I manage to reach up […]

The Yellow Wallpaper – Feminist or not?

Spoilers Alert!!! Despite its brevity, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a poignant story. I would rather not call it a quintessence of feminism even though it is presented that way by many reviewers. The story has been interpreted as a blend of feminism and mental condition instigated, most probably, due to postpartum depression. However, the metaphor […]

First Thing…

First thing the girl did was bow. Did she bow too much? How much is too much? First thing they said was – “You are mysterious.” It sounded less like a compliment and more like – “I wanted to control your thoughts but, I don’t know where to begin from.” She is not a mystery. […]

Is this a dream?

A topsy turvy world is where I come from. The land is above the sky. The birds swim and the fishes fly. A new born talked about jewels. A dying man promised a life. I lived a thousand lives. And yet, None I can call mine. Is this a dream or is that?


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I raise my tangled soul wrapped up in a simple cardigan. I am a tiger lover. I love bare trees. I write poems, stories, book reviews and share some philosophical stuffs. I paint with words. I write for the love of color and words.

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