My first tattoo

Yayyyyy!!!! I got a tiger pugmark tattooed on my right inner forearm. I had imagined this tattoo for a very long time. In this moment of manifestation, I am not overwhelmed. It just feels like it was meant to be; like this is the most natural thing to possess. I had never been so sure […]

The happy color

Do you see the colors? The colors that paint my soul… The hues of my despair… The shades of the dungeon where I hide… I have been searching; The safest color… The calmest color… The happiest color… I would happily take refuge in blue. If you were sad, I would paint you red. We would […]


Cheers!!! To the boy Who was born in the shadows and molded by the shadows. Ode… To the boy Who ran with the shadows

One moment of infinity

When the sun sets And the birds go back to their nests, I wait for you by the paddy field. I know… Someday, you will come, Hold my hands, and Sway me gently In the rhythm of evening breeze. Till then, I wait for you by the paddy field.


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About Me

I raise my tangled soul wrapped up in a simple cardigan. I am a tiger lover. I love bare trees. I write poems, stories, book reviews and share some philosophical stuffs. I paint with words. I write for the love of color and words.

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