Hues of New Year


The flawless dawn was getting tarnished.

The blazing fire of the sky which once used to melt me down,

Has turned into a cold white ball,

Concealed inside the veil of clouds;

Dangling and halt;

Then swirling and halt.

The wind was changing its sail.

The aura was changing its tale.

Autumn trees – bare.

Fields – ploughed and fair.

Birds changed their songs

And their shelter

And their peers.

It was the hue of New Year;

Old – to – the – new

Past – to – the – present

Then – to – the – future.

It was a change;

A transition.

Changing has never been so easy.

Change is all about –

Seeing grace through the disgrace;

Hope through the hopelessness;

And self through the selflessness.

Yet everything seemed static;

The same.

The same old year prevailed.

Just the feelings changed;

Or may be the urge to see a change

That compelled me to say –





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