Prakriti Kandel

If you are a nature lover,

can’t live without music and poetry,

love to read and write…

Most importantly, if you love to think like Socrates (wink, wink),

Then, stay a little while longer.

May be grab a mug of coffee.

Because we are gonna do some painting with words. Nurturing the tangled soul is not easy, gotta paint them with words.

What am I crazy about?

  • I am a tiger lover (I often dream about riding the tiger).
  • I love bare trees (I am crazy about the shape of tree).
  • Moon is my darling.
  • I love the smell of books (I know my books from the smell of their pages).

What will you find in this blog?

  • Book Review
  • Movie Review
  • Book Quotes
  • Poetry
  • Stories
  • Philosophy
  • Spiritual Stuffs
  • Sunsets and Oil pastels