Haiku #5

Nature Lover

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I am a nature lover since forever.

No matter how many times I see a mountain, I surely will exclaim – “Wow Mountain!!!“.

When you are out in the nature, no wonder, you become a child.


You won’t be judged.

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Haiku #3

Uncertain Life

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Sometimes we keep unfinished business for the next day.

Sometimes we keep unfinished chocolate for the next day.

We are quite optimistic about our life.

Which is pretty amazing.


What if we don’t wake up the following day?

What about out unfinished business and the unfinished chocolate?

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Haiku #2


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In my last visit to Sauraha, Chitwan, I had met a tourist from Dominican Republic during Jungle Safari. I can never forget that encounter and the conversation we had.

In between our conversation, he said – “I forget the names but I remember the feelings.” I remember this quite often. May be he was right. We remember the feelings.

Aren’t they the feelings that always haunt us?

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Haiku #1

Laconic eyes

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Oftentimes we tend to pretend to be what we are not.

We are not authentic with the people around us.

We don’t express what we really want.

We want them to understand everything on their own.

There is no way anyone is going to understand what we want unless it is expressed in words.

In between those unexpressed feelings and unspoken words, we lose the love we deserve.

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